Since 1993, D&F Consulting B.V. has assisted companies in the industries of energy and infra as well as many other industries with the improvement of safety. We have improved the safety of more than 1.000 companies and we have trained more than 20.000 people.

The mission that drives us forward is the goal for zero incidents in the industry, so people feel safe, healthy and happy. Safety is the first necessity of life. Our vision is that this mission is only achievable if we approach it in a sustainable way together with you to recognise and repulse unsafe situations and unsafe practises. This is absolutely necessary because in Europe alone there are 3 million people per year that fall victim to a serious accident and 4.000 of these are fatal.

The strategy that we implement for you is a mix of behaviour and technique or rather of people and machines. These are bonded inseparably with each other. Machines make work much more efficient, they do as instructed without
doubt or nonchalance and work the whole day through. People on the other hand tend to look for the easy route in their daily routines and this can create tension when combining the two in a workplace. Sometimes a problem is solved with technique and on other occasions with behaviour but in reality these two are always connected. By combining them we don’t only improve the safety, but we make the company better and people happier. That’s why we are advisors in safety.