Safety Culture and Behaviour

Aside from the level of technical safety, your safety management & culture is crucial for your safety performance. D&F offers a variety of products: from a (validated) online Safety Climate Barometer®, to the individual coaching of operational managers all the way up until a complete safety culture improvement programme.

In order to lay a strong foundation for strengthening your safety culture and behaviour within your company, D&F wrote and published the book Brainsafe®. Brainsafe® contains many practical experiences that we have gained over the years but also over one hundred instruments and interventions that you can use to influence safety culture and behaviour.

Over the years, we have guided over 150 companies in strengthening their safety culture. A number of our programme elements have been processed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and are published in the Guideline on improving safety culture in the NTA 8544. You can also make use of this experience.

D&F not only measures where your safety culture is at, but actually helps with the implementation of a safety culture improvement programme and the realisation of a lasting change in safe behaviour.

This results in strong safety leadership and a proactive work environment where employees dare to address safety issues with each other in order to achieve the ultimate goal of zero accidents. With a strong sense of what is going on at the shop floor, with stimulating and new ideas and with the latest knowledge on psychology, change management and safety management, we are achieving concrete results for you.

Keywords for our approach are: a structured approach, solid baseline assessment with support to change where needed, development of operational leadership, top down and bottom up, anchoring what is working.

A carefully selected team is at your disposal to strengthen your safety culture or safety management system. For every new project, we look, together with you, which consultants or trainers are best suited for your organisation. Sometimes a more psychological or change management approach is desirable, sometimes a more technical safety content and approach is required.

Develop your own expertise in-house and visit our Safety Academy. Here you can find our 6-day Master Class on Safety Management and Culture. Other training programmes are in company by definition.

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